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HÜDIG - TOYO Armoured Pumps in Ready-Mixed Concrete Plants

HÜDIG GmbH & CO. KG has been successfully managing the field of ready-mixed concrete plants for several years.

The pumps installed there often do not have the service life that a TOYO armored pump can offer for these applications.

The applications relate to the supply of the spirit level in the mixing tower for the production and the washing gallows for the washing out of concrete vehicles.

Both applications draw the delivery medium from the setting basin of the mixing plants. This pumped medium is mixed with cement slurries, mineral aggregates and often with residual graveks and sands from the washing process of the vehicles.

A non-simple medium, as it is not pH-neutral and also contains abrasive substances due to the solids.

TOYO armoured pumps offer the optimal solution for this application. An essential aspect is the advantage of an armoured pump, since the TOYO armoured pumps are not alternative redesigned sewage pumps or semi-armoured pumps, but from the first construction thought are intended to pump abrasive media.

Our customers report service lives of well over three and four years.

The TOYO pump series of the GR series and the ET series are ideally suited for these applications and offer the longest service life.

An important feature of the TOYO armored pumps is the TOYO stirring head. This ensures a strong turbulence in the settling basin, which makes sure that the solid particles are distributed homogeneously in the medium and conveyed away by the armoured pump.




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