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HÜDIG – TOYO Armoured Pumps

Transport concrete mixers: another field of action for TOYO armoured pumps with satisfied customers.

As in almost all industrial processes where a lot of cubic meters of water are needed, the processes are closed in order not to waste the water resource.

This is also the case in the process of producing ready-mixed concrete. Mixing the batch for a mixed concrete vehicle is a permanent process and requires a large amount of water. To keep these quantities as low as possible, the washing water of the vehicles is included in the mixing process.

This water is stored in basins and is used for mixing the concrete or washing the vehicles.

Thus, the limited amount of water in this basin is increasingly contaminated by the leaching of the vehicles with components of fresh concrete. Cement, gravel or other aggregates accumulate in this basin.

For the process, this means that there is an increased stress on the pump technology, which increases with each mixing vehicle.

This is why the right choice of pump technology is of great importance for the safe production process. More and more companies rely on the high level of stand and production safety by using a TOYO armoured pump.

The company Dennert Beton also got convinced of the quality of the TOYO armoured pumps.

And again we must say:

TOYO pays off!


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