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HÜDIG Vacuum Pumps for Dewatering in Coal Mining

In December 2015, the Mitteldeutsche Braunkohlegesellschaft (“central German lignite coal company”) decided to open up another overburden area. For this development, deep wells have been produced where vacuum pumps should be connected to optimize the water supply.

In order to achieve an optimal result, different products were tested. As a result, the vacuum generators used by HÜDIG provided the very best results.

After more than 22 months of operation, the pumps are not only impressive in terms of performance, but also because of their low energy consumption, low spare parts and low maintenance requirements.

Many machines already have more than 12,000 operating hours. For these, the first wearing parts were ordered 22 months after the first commissioning.

HÜDIG could not compete with a better quality proof. Thus, it is clear that the HÜDIG dry runner is the technology with the lowest maintenance costs, the longest service life and the best performance for this application currently on the market.


- Visual checks after 3.000 operating hours

- First exchange of wear parts after 12,000 operating hours

- Time required for visual inspection during the 12,000 is max. 4 hours

- Time required for the parts change 1 hour per vacuum pump

With a valuation of 50 € per working hour, the parts requirement of approximately 4,700 € is calculated for the period of 22 months, an expense for the maintenance of 103 € per vacuum pump, which is monthly unbeatable € 4.68 per vacuum pump. These maintenance costs are unattainable for other vacuum systems offered in the market because e.g. latest after 1.000 operating hours an oil change is due.


HÜDIG technology – always a good decision!

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