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HÜDIG Waste Water Pump Units

Rehabilitation of the sewage treatment plant Herzebrock-Clarholz

The municipal utilities Herzebrock-Clarholz operate a sewage treatment plant and the associated sewer system. The sewage treatment plant cleans the water from both districts, considering that Clarholz was only added in 1995. It is mostly dewatered in the mixed water system.

The sewage treatment plant includes 15 rainwater tanks and about 820 pumping stations as well as the central pumping station with rain overflow basin in Clarholz. Currently, the wastewater treatment plant is being extensively renovated after a long planning phase and expanded at the same time.

In order to rehabilitate a clarifier tank for a period of about 2 weeks, 2 HÜDIG sewage aggregates type EVA180 were used. To pump the large amount of wastewater, two with approximately 600 m³ / h pumping power were needed.

For a redundant pump installation two units with 320 m³ / h each were installed.

The HÜDIG waste water vacuum units are characterized by their extremely high reliability. These wastewater aggregates are equipped with a HÜDIG dry runner for vacuum support. This dry runner requires an absolute minimum of maintenance costs. Operating times between 10,000 and 12,500 Bh without replacement parts are not uncommon.

The installed raw sewage pump is characterized by a - for a wastewater pump - very good efficiency. The large grain passage of 100 mm, in conjunction with the unique screw centrifugal impeller, ensures a reliable and clog-free delivery of larger and long-fiber materials.

„HÜDIG“ pump units – always a good solution.




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