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In-House Training - Groundwater lowering

Technical training groundwater lowering

Technical training groundwater lowering

Groundwater lowering covers a wide range of practical applications. From open dewatering with submersible pumps to closed dewatering using the Wellpoint system, the user has many options. The goal is to determine the most feasible and economical way of lowering the groundwater level with as little effort as possible. For assistance, Hüdig offers a very special service if required. At our headquarters in Celle or directly at the customer's site, we offer training courses in which the ABCs of groundwater lowering are taught. In doing so, we deal intensively with the focal points. Afterwards, the user is able to put the acquired knowledge directly into practice. This is made possible by detailed descriptions and by a series of tables that represent an extract of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. If you are also interested in our technical training courses, we look forward to hearing from you.

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