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  • Introduction of a new hose-reel-machine: Iromat II FLAT


Introduction of a new hose-reel-machine: Iromat II FLAT


We have the pleasure today informing you about the introduction of a new hose-reel-machine. It is about the Iromat II FLAT. This machine fits very well in our family of IROMAT-hose-reels and fills the existing gap in the range of IROMAT IIThe difference between the IROMAT II TANDEM and the IROMAT II FLAT is the chassis.


This machine disposes a triangle-frame with a constant track gauge of 2,000 mm. In contrast to the IROMAT II PORTAL this unit is able to install the complete length 500 m of 110 mm PE-hose (plus the usual elongation).

Further advantages of these machines are:


  • the total length 500 mm shorter
  • one single axle with wide-base-tyres allowing the shunting with small size tractors.


For further details, please visit our website or call one of our specialists. In case of further interest, please contact one of our local dealers and let him prepare an according offer. 

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