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It sounds unbelievable...

It sounds unbelievable, but in most of the countries of the Middle East which are known as desert states, the high groundwater level is a problem. For example, in great parts of Kuwait the groundwater level is at only 1, 5 to 2 m and all construction sites based below that depth depend on groundwater lowering during the foundation phase.

Besides, the quality of that groundwater is generally quite different from the known groundwater qualities in Central Europe. In the Gulf States it is often so-called brackish water. This is often very sulphurous for example and not at all suitable for human consumption, recognizable by a terrible smell.

This chemically aggressive medium reduces the service life of standard executed cast iron pumps to a few months only. You can literally watch how the material is damaged and disintegrated. Some pumps and aggregates only need weeks until they fail e.g. due to pitting corrosion.

In this region HÜDIG has been selling the most Diesel-operated vacuum pump units already for decades! The used material components in combination with so-called sacrificial anodes ensure a sufficient service life.
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Application of HÜDIG HC 551/00 in underground construction in Kuwait

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