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Let’s talk about noise...

We all know this: Somewhere in the neighbourhood a pneumatic hammer, a vibratory plate or a chainsaw is used, and first you have this certain pain in the ears and later, in case of long-lasting noise, you also get a headache. Mostly, the causer does not consider this as bad because he is not aware of the noise pollution thanks to a suitable hearing protection.

But environmental protection has been including protection of the environment against preventable noise for decades already. This affects mainly us, the manufacturers of machines which are used in construction industry – therefore also HÜDIG.

HÜDIG has already started a very long time ago to involve the subject noise prevention in the product development program. The early development to equip the electro vacuum unit HC 488 and the corresponding vacuum pumps with noise protection hoods is a proof of our sense of responsibility for our environment regarding preventable noise generation.

But we have even gone one step further: By developing the WHISPER, we have enclosed the HC 488 unit which has already been silent anyway, so that there is no risk to present a permanent noise nuisance. In our opinion it was about time to design a dewatering unit which does not strain the environment in any way. With efficient electrical drive, with enclosure for noise prevention and with so-called dry-running vacuum generators which are free of pollutant substances like e.g. oil, HÜDIG is ready for an environmentally friendly future already now.

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