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Mobil Fielding of our EVA-180

Our customer provides ecological units for the sewage- and sweet-water treatment in the complete Swizz. He was searching for a solution of a mobile pump-unit that could be used for the conveying of sludge and sewage.

After the customer became acquainted with our electro-sewage-pump-unit 180 (EVA-180) at the IFAT 2014 exhibition in Munich/Germany he placed an order and HÜDIG manufactured one customized unit for him.

Already the first service of this unit was a complete success!

Mounted on a usual trailer the unit is due to its compact size multi-purpose applicable. The availability of electric current and plugs does not require the application of the usually used diesel-driven sewage-pump-unit (DIVA) which is normally used for the mobile application. 

All HÜDIG Sewage-pump-units feature a high vacuum-capacity and the pump-unit which is especially designed for the application of sewage water. The vacuum-pump is so-called dry-running and does not require any oil-lubrication and the impeller of the sewage-pump is formed like a screw which avoids nearly ever the plugging of the pump. The high-capacity vacuum allows the operation in a greater distance to the manhole and setting-basin.

The Swizz customer is very satisfied with this solution tailor-made by HÜDIG. 


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