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  • New construction of a multi-family house in Winsen / Luhe


New construction of a multi-family house in Winsen / Luhe

An apartment building with basement is currently being built in a new development area in the town of Winsen / Luhe. The company NBB Nord Bohr und Brunnen GmbH is responsible for the dewatering.

On an asymmetrical footprint of about 18 x 21 m, one HC 488 electric vacuum unit was installed on each side of the building, one of them in a Whisper sound-insulating canopy. Due to the high volume of water in the soil, the periphery was also adapted and 6-inch manifolds were used. Downstream of each of the vacuum units are a grit trap and a gravel filter system, which treats the ferruginous water before it is discharged into the public sewer system. The concrete bottom is located at a depth of approx. 3 m.

The electrically driven dirty water pumps and vacuum generators of the HÜDIG HC 488 vacuum units ensure continuous pumping of the water-air mixture. The separation of air and water takes place in the large-volume boiler. The water is pumped by reliable Grindex pumps and the vacuum is generated by two dry-running, low-maintenance rotary vacuum generators. The optionally available sound insulation hood is designed as a full enclosure for HÜDIG electric vacuum units. The hot-dip galvanized steel frame is solid and stackable (up to 3 units can be stored on top of each other to save space). The sound insulation hood has a forklift mount and a central lifting eye for easy and quick installation on the construction site. The sound power level of the HC 488 Whisper units is 73dB. The calculated sound pressure levels at 7m and 10m are 46dB(A) / 44dB(A) respectively.





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