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Hydraulic Guiding-Boom for the Hose Reel

Operation Mode of the hydraulic Guiding-Boom of the Hose Reel:

The HÜDIG hose-reels have been excellent accepted and proven by the customers. They persuade by extraordinary stability, by the generous dimensioned hydraulic-motor and by the striking edge- and board-profile. Latter octagonal shaped board-profiles prevent the “rolling away” of the hose-reel. The reels are available in two sizes (400m and 700 m).

For the bigger size version we offer our customer a hydraulic controllable guiding boom. It cann be easily controlled from the cabin of the tractor. The user is with the hose-guiding-system in the comfortable position to winding in the coils of flat-hose in a clean and comfortable way.

A second person for the guidance of the hose is not required anymore. The guidance of the flat-hose is been carried out by a movable basket equipped with bearing-rollers. Due to the oversized dimensions of the guiding basket the connection-couplings of the hoses passes through without any problems.

Furthermore with the assistance of the guiding-boom the flat-hose can be easily laid beside the road or the field-path. Sophisticated additional manual pulling and replacing of the hose is inapplicable. 

The simple but solid attachment of the boom with strap-bolts allows an upgrade of existing HÜDIG hose-reel with such boom without any time and effort.

Avoiding the elongation of the transport-dimensions and to keep the space-requirement in the machine hall low the boom allows simple retracting and securing after operation by just moving a simple lever. 


                                                               expanded state


                                                                  retracted state


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