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Running……And Running………And Still Running

If you have ever bought a submersible pump or a pump unit you know that the so-called “free falling” of the pump (when no water is available for the pump anymore) means final breakdown for most of the pumps.

The reason is that the medium, i.e. the water, is necessary for cooling, rinsing and lubrication of many pump components at the same time. If no water is available the pump will become too hot, and a process of overheating will start and the insulation respectively the bearings will be damaged; the subsequent short-circuit will lead to a complete breakdown of the pump.

In order to avoid this, most pumps always have to be switched off in good time before there is finally no medium (no more water) available for them. Therefore it is always a risky business to use such pumps, even if they are equipped with float switches, unless you supervise those pumps around the clock.

Not with HÜDIG! HÜDIG knows this problem, and as we have designed our pumps for tough conditions on construction sites, the “free falling” has been considered in our concept. Most types of GRINDEX submersible pumps are able to run for a long time without flowing of medium, without suffering any damage. We have adapted this principle for our electro-vacuum units and therefore such damages cannot occur. Even the worst circumstances of an operation would never cause such a damage.

Our Diesel-powered units are equipped with pumps which have seals and bearings which will not be destroyed even when there is no medium flowing. Before a pump units enters series production, this feature is extensively tested – not in theory, but in really tough practical tests: The pump units are operated without medium for hours and days, and afterwards the components are examined regarding extraordinary wear. The results of these tests have proven: We design pumps which are perfectly suitable for the high demands of construction sites.

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