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  • Service friendliness is a top priority for us!


Service friendliness is a top priority for us!

Service friendliness

Essential for fast availability in everyday use


Easy-to-install components are not only of great importance to us as a manufacturer; simple installation and removal of many components also makes daily work with our units easier and more effective.

For this reason, attention is already paid to many elements in the design and development phase that keep downtimes due to maintenance intervals or necessary repairs as low as possible in later use. The next step is the construction of the prototype, in which the production and production management departments work together with our design department to ensure that the individual components are assembled as efficiently and quickly as possible. The prototype is then handed over to our rental and service department, where the accessibility and performance of maintenance intervals and the replacement of individual components are tested.

Particularly helpful is the maintenance flap on our HC 551/32, which can be easily opened by one person at any time to check the carbon vanes of the vacuum pump or the impeller of the centrifugal pump and replace them if necessary. If major work is required, all doors and side elements are sufficiently dimensioned to allow work to be carried out on all components.


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