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Sewage Pumps from the HÜDIG Rental Fleet

In the pipeline-construction the requirements of the operational enterprises rises from year to year. One example is the refurbishment of sewage-systems with big diameters. The conveying capacity of the pumps during wet weather conditions inside these sewage systems could easily turn into a great challenge.

Pumps with a cpacity of 20 l/s to 30 l/s are usual and are mostly basic equipment of the most sewer construction firms. With bigger diameters automatically the required capacity of conveying sewage rises. In cases where the shut-off bladder could not be used and the by-passing is impossible real problems start. Which pumps could be used? How do I get this high conveying capacity?

HÜDIG GmbH & Co. KG provides the operators high-capacity Electro-Sewage-Pump-Units for the conveying of sewage out of our rental fleet. The foundation constructor can comfortably rent the complete range of the required equipment. The quick-coupling hoses and pipes, the pump-units and if necessary the electric supply by gen-sets could be provided. All these are manufactured by HÜDIG in Celle/Germany. The Electro-Sewage-Pump-Units have capacities of 300 m³/h and 600 m³/h.

The centre-piece beside the sewage-pump-units is the dry-running vacuum-pump with an air-capacity of 100m³/h. With this equipment the vacuum generation of up to 2.000 hours without any maintenance and service is possible and therefore safes a lot of money and material.


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