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Swivelling Pump Discharge Nozzle

The discharge nozzle of a pump-unit should be executed as aerodynamically effective as possible keeping the friction loss as low as possible. In the application of pump-units for the irrigation normally the connection between the discharge nozzle and the discharge line is a so-called goose-neck-bow. With HÜDIG pump-units a support for this goose-neck-bow is available but in the most cases it will not be used since this equipment is too bulky.

Therefore HÜDIG is offering as an alternative a bow directly installed on the discharge-nozzle. This item is equipped with a Snap-Joint-Adapter which allows the swivelling of the bow according to the conditions at site without any problems. Practically it is not relevant if the discharge line is on the right or on the left side of the pump-unit. The adapter is adjustable without any tool. It is a true HÜDIG innovation!

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