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  • The HÜDIG Diesel vacuum aggregate HC 522/06 on Road Show 2015


The HÜDIG Diesel vacuum aggregate HC 522/06 on Road Show 2015

The HÜDIG GmbH & CO. KG presented the Diesel vacuum aggregate of the series HC 522 to the users of the dewatering technology on the Road show 2015.

The Diesel vacuum aggregate HC 522/06 convinced by the high efficiency directly locally on the construction site. The aggregate is supplied by an one-cylinder Hatz engine with 8,5 kW and drives a waste water centrifugal pump with a mechanical handling capacity of 110 m³/h as well as the corresponding vacuum generator with approx. 60 m³/h.

On the Road show directly at the building pit the HÜDIG dewatering technology was convincingly presented to the users.

On a construction site in Berlin Lichtenberg the high achievement of the aggregate HC 522/06 ensured a rapid success with the lowering of the ground-water level, contrary to other pumping systems, for example piston pumps, with which a several-day-long operation of the pumping aggregates without lowering success was necessary.

Here the HÜDIG dewatering technology convinced once again sovereign.

The new Diesel vacuum aggregate captivates by many arguments:


From the maximally possible total delivery rate of 170 m ³ /h which results from the one- cylinder Hatz engine with 8,4 KW up to the technical details like e.g. the long lifetime of the vacuum system with more than 3,000 operation hours.


The range of application begins with short time losses up to the permanent dewatering with up to max. 15 to 20 filter lances (the number is geol. dependently).


The development and the production of the aggregate take place in the HÜDIG main plant in Celle.


The advantages of the HC 522/xx are obvious by the very compact method of construction and the maintenance-free evacuated system obvious.


Designed as square cube the system is easy to handle and ready for tough construction-site services. The one-cylinder Hatz engine is used as power supply unit for the installed slurry pump, which breaks all achievements in this pump class with a max. capacity of 110 m ³ /h. In addition a dry operation vacuum generator with 60 m³/h air achievement is permanently propelled. The vacuum generator is absolutely service reduced and offers a lifetime over 10,000 hr. Here the HÜDIG vacuum engineering can revert even to references from over 14.000 operating hours. Maintenance costs of the diesel engine are not included.


That extremely low weight of 994 kg (HC522/06) permits further service-possibilities.


On a trailer with an additional mechanical loader for pipe material installed, the pumping unit is fast applicable in loss occurrence!


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