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The HÜDIG Vacuum Technoligy - Long-term usage for non-stop operation

The standing customer of HÜDIG the company HOFFSCHULTE in Meppen/Germany trust since several years in the vacuum-technology of HÜDIG and without any disappointment. A more economical and reliable vacuum-technology does not exist on the market. 

The last application of the HC 468/12 confirmed these facts.

In the year 2003 an electric-vacuum-pump-unit HC 468/12 was purchased by HOFFSCHULTE for a rental-business. Since 2003 this unit is permanently leased and in service with altogether 33,400 operation hours in total.

Mr Kassens responsible in the HOFFSCHULTE enterprise for the vacuum-pump-unit praises the maintenance-friendliness of the HÜDIG vacuum-technology. Until today only twice the vanes were renewed and thank the experienced HÜDIG-technology it is a trouble-free operation which does not require any further action.

The application: on land of a former butchery new facilities for the manufacturing of car-parts are planned but the soil has to be de-contaminated first. For this reason the HC 468/12 unit runs day and night 24/7 without any further surveillance.  

The HÜDIG electric-vacuum-pump-units feature by the usage of high-quality material and figure-out-technology. 

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