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The Trend is Upwards in Down Under

The sales and rental business with our Australian partner VORTEX has started well and for the first time in Australia’s history a HÜDIG electro vacuum pump unit is used. The application of electrically driven vacuum pump units for dewatering was previously hardly known in Australia. Diesel versions were used even for applications in cities and populated areas.

Increased noise and unpleasant smell resulted in more and more complaints. This has now come to an end. With the electrical HÜDIG air separation chamber unit HC 488 with oil-free vacuum generation there are no odour nuisances caused by Diesel gases; noise emission is only 55 dB (A) in 7 m distance, and there are no more residues of oil, grease and Diesel on the construction site. A clean and silent solution!

The pictures show a typical operation which attracted many interested people and lead to various inquiries. For the HÜDIG electro vacuum pump unit we can say that the trend is upwards in Down Under.

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