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  • „Think Big“ – 8“ Diesel Vacuum Unit from HÜDIG


„Think Big“ – 8“ Diesel Vacuum Unit from HÜDIG

Our proven vacuum technology is not only used in 4" and 6" units, but is also used in 8 "units. Particularly in large-volume dewatering projects and general pumping jobs , the efficiency of the pumping units used can be considerably increased by a powerful vacuum pump.

For this reason, HÜDIG presents the new edition of the HC-572, a vacuum-assisted 8"-pump unit.

Driven by a powerful 6-cylinder DEUTZ engine, the HÜDIG water pump can pump up to 550 m³/h. Equipped with a highly efficient vacuum pump which delivers 105 m³/h and produces a maximum vacuum of -0.97 bar, the suction from depths of up to -9m can be realized easily. The water-air mixture is separated from a galvanized separator in order to pump and discharge the highest possible quantity of water.

The HC-572 can be moved on construction sites because of the wheeled chassi, thus guaranteeing high flexibility and mobility. The HC-572 is used throughout the world, defying the icy temperatures in the winter and the fiery heat of the desert.

Further equipment and performance features can be found in the HC-572 technical data sheet.

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