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TOYO Armoured Pumps - And again a satisfied TOYO customer

In March 2017, we received a request from a natural stone processing plant for an armoured pump.

Through a professional consultation, the company decided for a TOYO armoured pump of the GR series. We reported this application in August of last year.

The pump of type GR15 has been installed in the sales area of the sawing hall since delivery. The operating time was approx. 2,400 operating hours until the pump was removed.

Today on 03.01.2018, the maintenance staff was briefed about the first maintenance works. The state of the pump surprised everyone present, since no signs of wear and tear on the GR15 are present.

All gaps and oil quality were still in the state they were at delivery. This means that despite high abrasive components in the pumped medium, the TOYO armoured pump withstands wear and tear.

The experiences of the users with other pump models were different: After one season, at least the shaft seal was damaged with the competitors and had to be replaced.


At TOYO they say, „TOYO pays off!“


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