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  • TOYO DP 50 B in a support frame


TOYO DP 50 B in a support frame

From Hafen City to HH-Horn: Soon the U4 will run on Horner Geest

Major contract for Brauckmann & Damm. Together with the company August Ernst, the owner-managed construction company is taking over the earthworks and parts of the pipeline construction for the 1st construction phase for the extension of the U4 subway in Hamburg/Horn. This is the first of two construction phases. "This will connect the district to the subway network. What does that mean exactly? Two new stops "Stoltenstraße" and "Horner Geest" and an extension to "Horner Rennbahn". 13,000 residents who can get around the city faster with the stop around the corner. In 13 minutes from Horner Geest to the main station!" The client is Hamburger Hochbahn AG.

A special version of a TOYO DP 50 B in a support frame is used here for wet excavation in a section of Meurerweg. The TOYO DP 50 B with a rated power P of 37 kW offers a max. delivery head of 28 m as well as a max. volume flow of 500 m³/h. The motor is designed for a medial excavation. The motor is designed to pump a medium density of 1.5 kg/l. Grain diameters of max. 60 mm are no problem for the pump. So-called wear parts such as cutter, impeller and wear plates are made of high-alloy chrome steel. Another quality feature is the 6-pole motor used. The conveying capacity is achieved at a speed n of 980 1/min. This is another reason for the wear resistance of the already legendary TOYO armored pump.







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