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  • TOYO GR3-2: Special Application in a Truck Cleaning Facility


TOYO GR3-2: Special Application in a Truck Cleaning Facility

The internal cleaning of truck tank silos which are mainly filled with foodstuff is carried out hot in a truck cleaning facility.

Therefore a pump was required which is able to remove residues of these substances from grease, oil, paraffin, chocolate or cocoa mass from a collecting tank as completely as possible.

The medium is collected in two large tanks in front of the cleaning facility and has a temperature of approx. 50°C to 60°C. The collection tank is approx. 5 m deep and mostly only half-way filled. The tank’s wells have an opening of only 60 cm in diameter. 

In order to dispose of this medium, a pump is needed which can be lowered by means of a wheel loader and can convey into another collecting basin via a hose with a length of approx. 15 to 20 m. From there, a downstream centrifuge is charged which separates the solid parts from the carrier medium. Thus, the liquid is still available to the cycle and the solid parts are disposed of separately.

As a result, considerable costs can now be saved as it is now possible to reutilize the high proportion of domestic water instead of disposing of.

The company is very satisfied with the performance of the robust pump.

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