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  • TOYO Heavy-Duty Slurry Pumps in a Concrete-Plant


TOYO Heavy-Duty Slurry Pumps in a Concrete-Plant

Continuous Duty in the Concrete-Plant: the Heavy-Duty Slurry Pump of TOYO

The Challange:

A well-known customer was looking for a wear-proof submersible pump for the plant in Höver near Sehnde in Germany to use it in the agitator-reservoir. The submersible pump should forward recycle-water from the agitator-reservoir to the water-scale in the mixing-processor. The before used submersible pump of a different brand had a maximum service-time of approximately two (2) years. Then the costs for the revision included mechanical seals, wear-parts and work-wages. The according high costs and the downtime lead the operator to the idea to look for alternatives.

The Solution:

On the basis of the required capacity (approx. 300 l/min) and the conditions at site (head 10 m, 80 m of PE-hose DN 80) the TOYO Heavy-Duty Slurry-Pump ET 10 was chosen. A main criteria was the required wear-proof of the pump. The part of suspended solid in the media could reach up to 50 % in weight in this particular model range. The high quality of the material of all TOYO Heavy-Duty Slurry-Pumps stands for long service-time even under continues duty as in the concrete plant required. The model-range ET includes a jacket-cooling system. This is a considerably advantage because it is not necessary to submerge the pump into the media completely and the engine will be perfectly cooled even by lower pumping water level. By the adaptation of the clearance between the impeller and the wear-plate the capacity could be optimized for a long service-time.

The Result:

The TOYO ET-10 pump delivered in 1997 had worked to the entire satisfaction of the operator for almost 15 years until the year 2014. In this period the pump has been inspected for three (3) times only. Without any noticeable cost it could be used in the agitator-reservoir afterwards. For the customer in the area southern Lower-Saxony and Bremen it was clear that there is only one solution in the investment of new heavy-duty slurry-pumps: TOYO 

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