Toyo Armoured Pump

For a new lock construction, the operator N-Ports requires an armoured pump to be used for maintenance work on the lock building.

After an intensive consultation phase, the customer decided to buy a Toyo armoured pump type DP 50.

For this special customer requirement, this pump type was mounted in a support frame and additionally equipped with a nozzle frame.

The nozzle frame is used for flushing the rail track of the roller shutter below the water surface. For this purpose, the Toyo armoured pump with support frame is mounted on a truss frame. The whole unit pulls off the rail area and rinses the rails free of the solids via the nozzle frame. The armoured pump type DP 50 absorbs the water-solid mixture in the pumping process and conveys it out of the lock chamber area.


Toyo pays off!!


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