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Vacuum measurement made easy

How do you measure the vacuum at the end of a 100m, 200m or even 300m long wellpoint system?


As always in life, there is a complex solution, but also a very simple one.

Particularly long wellpoint systems are not dimensioned properly and so it can happen that the wellpoints at the end hardly draw any water or air because the raw friction losses can practically eat up the supporting vacuum.

We do not recommend our customers to set up complex and costly solutions. With a commercially available vacuum gauge and a rubber ball pierced in the middle, you can measure the vacuum at any point on the suction line. This way, you can conveniently determine if the vacuum left is even sufficient to suck the water from the Wellpoint.

And this solution does not cost 30 Euros!

Note: At the end of a wellpoint system, the vacuum should be one to two meters-water columns higher than the required geodetic federation height!

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