The duty: in the process of making the so-called (Bentonite) slurry-trench-wall the excessive material together with stones and grit has to be returned for recycling. The now very abrasive medium demands highest requirements in regard of the wear-resistance of the pump-aggregate. Altogether requires this particular application a conception of aggregate which keeps the operation going, independent from the electrical power supply, and even with air-pockets inside the medium, therefore self-priming, in a secure way.

The solution is the HÜDIG aggregate SDVA 200 with a galvanized tank-skid (fuel-capacity for approx. 24 hours adequate operation). For the lifting of the slurry a vertical heavy-duty slurry pump is in duty and for the suction-process a dry-running lubrication and maintenance free vacuum-generator is in use. The pump is powered by a HATZ-Engine in the SilentPack-Version. Altogether our engineering was aimed to create a heavy duty aggregate with the best reliability. It goes without saying that this aggregate can be used for other mediums as well.  

SDVA 200
Förderhöhe Volumenstrom Gewicht Anschluss
38 m 200 m³/h 1470 kg 150 FI
Technische Daten
Leistung kW 34,7
Drehzahl 1700
Vakuum 0,92
Technisches Datenblatt
SDVA_200_e.pdf (137.2 KiB)


The air-separator-reservoir is made from galvanized steel-plates therefore well protected against any corrosion. It is equipped with swing doors at the sides. 


Part of the Slurry-Diesel-Vacuum-Aggregate is a rotational vacuum-pump without any lubrication. It convinces with a high air-capacity together combined with a high vacuum. These pumps are robust in design and work efficiently at sub-zero temperatures as well as in tropical climax. With this system damages caused by frost or deficiency of cooling liquid are not possible. Also the daily controls of the process- water as well as the oil-change-intervals are not required with this type of oil-free air-pump.