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The sales and rental business with our Australian partner VORTEX has started well VORTEX and for the first time in Australia’s history a HÜDIG electro vacuum pump unit is used. The application of electrically driven vacuum pump units for dewatering was previously hardly known in Australia. Diesel versions were used even for applications in cities and populated areas.


The technique and advantages of HÜDIG electro-vacuum units are known. Therefore we abstain from a detailed description of these proven machines at this point. On request we can of course provide further information to interested users. However, it should be mentioned that sometimes higher requirements regarding a reduced noise emission are demanded from the units which are actually already counted as silent-running.

In the backfilling mine of GTS Grube Teutschenthal (Saxony-Anhalt) mineral residual materials are brought into cavities of the former potash and rock salt mining.

For the transport of industrial dust this is mixed with water, carried approx. 700 m underground in pipes DN 60 and after pressure increase stations in pipes DN 100 for several kilometres into the old mining galleries. Blockages of the pipe system often occurred during this process.

ARGE ATCOST of the tunnel project „Stuttgart 21“ faced the task to keep the tunnel gateway of the tunnel tubes free of groundwater for safe entry of the tunnel boring machine.

The dewatering was managed by the HÜDIG boiler system of type HC 468/15 with a dry running vacuum generator. The HÜDIG unit did this job in such satisfying way that the MTA engineers had a special challenge for this assembly type.

We all know it: Many products in this world are inevitably related to the name of the manufacturer. Everybody in Germany knows the  inner hexagonal screw under the name of INBUS, and if someone needs a tissue he will ask for a TEMPO. There are numerous products worldwide evoking an instant picture of it in our minds as soon as we speak out the brand name. Good examples are HOOVER, KLEENEX, Q-TIPS and KELLOG’S. Even products made by other manufacturers cannot cut off these brand names.