Перечень новостей

We have the pleasure today informing you about the introduction of a new hose-reel-machine. It is about the Iromat II FLAT. This machine fits very well in our family of IROMAT-hose-reels and fills the existing gap in the range of IROMAT IIThe difference between the IROMAT II TANDEM and the IROMAT II FLAT is the chassis.

In the pipeline-construction the requirements of the operational enterprises rises from year to year. One example is the refurbishment of sewage-systems with big diameters. The conveying capacity of the pumps during wet weather conditions inside these sewage systems could easily turn into a great challenge.

Pumps with a cpacity of 20 l/s to 30 l/s are usual and are mostly basic equipment of the most sewer construction firms. With bigger diameters automatically the required capacity of conveying sewage rises. In cases where the shut-off bladder could not be used and the by-passing is impossible real problems start. Which pumps could be used? How do I get this high conveying capacity?


We have the pleasure informing you today that we have add another page to our website. Under the menu-button OUTLET we offer our customers machines and units, which are subject of special pricing.

In the most cases these goods are surplus due to return from exhibitions and/or they were used as demonstration models.  

The discharge nozzle of a pump-unit should be executed as aerodynamically effective as possible keeping the friction loss as low as possible. In the application of pump-units for the irrigation normally the connection between the discharge nozzle and the discharge line is a so-called goose-neck-bow. With HÜDIG pump-units a support for this goose-neck-bow is available but in the most cases it will not be used since this equipment is too bulky. 

The HÜDIG GmbH & Co. KG was acting on the requirements of many customers wanting stackable frames for the HC Electro-Vacuum-Units and developed such frames accordingly.

The development included a stackable frame for the HÜDIG Vacuum–Units for saving the space by stacking three (3) units one upon the other.