Перечень новостей

Our customer provides ecological units for the sewage- and sweet-water treatment in the complete Swizz. He was searching for a solution of a mobile pump-unit that could be used for the conveying of sludge and sewage.

After the customer became acquainted with our electro-sewage-pump-unit 180 (EVA-180) at the IFAT 2014 exhibition in Munich/Germany he placed an order and HÜDIG manufactured one customized unit for him.

The HÜDIG customer Mr. Korupp of Ernst Lütjens Kieswerk (gravel quarry) in Sankt Peter Ording/Germany had requested the technical support of HÜDIG after several technical disappointments in the operation of pumps of other suppliers.He decided in 2008 using a TOYO Heavy-Duty pump Type DP 15 according to dimensioning of HÜDIG. Mr. Korupp does surely not operate a huge gravel quarry, but he could raise his annual capacity to an average of approx. 15.000 m³/h.

An internal symposium themed “Development of our Products for the day after tomorrow” took place in November this year. It was lead-managed by the HÜDIG Develop- and Engineering Department.

Basic criteria and concepts were introduced and discussed which will be part of our future product-development. In the future it will be strongly respected that all products will be manufactured under resource-saving and environmental aspects. 

Challenge / Application 2014

On the tunnel construction site of the Karlsruhe city railway it was necessary to control the remaining water in the tunnel-structure in a secure way. At significant points in the construction pit floor inflows to the deep-wells were established. The problem was the unsteady flow and the mean capacity of water. The usual application of semi submersible pumps was not appropriate due to the low water-level and consequently the pumps very fast calcify and are subject of thermal problems, too.

A Norwegian Service-Company used for the by-passing of municipal sewage in Oslo pump-units of a competitor. After interrupting the pumping process for a minimum of four (4) times a day for cleaning the internal of the pumps, the operator contacted HUEDIG on the search for a better technical solution.

We suggest at first for testing purpose the use of one or several EVA-180 Sewage-Pump-Units out of our rental-fleet.