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HÜDIG GmbH & Co. KG was confronted with the task finding a technical solution for the mobile current-supply of a open pit. The difficulty of the task was the need that the mobile unite should provide two different voltage levels (400 Volts and 500 Volts). Furthermore the operator of this unit requested the presentation of a technical solution securing that the drive-engine does not damage due to low rotation speed. HÜDIG GmbH & Co. KG is expert of such duties and delivered a mobile generator-set with different engine-power classes which fulfilled the requirements to the total satisfaction of the operator.

HÜDIG is representing the new IROMAT VThis irrigation machine is the top end of this product-range. With a capacity of 880 m hose on the reel this machine is considered as the biggest irrigation machine with this design on the market. The successful engineering philosophy of IROMAT I to IV has been transferred to the IROMAT V.

Application 2014 

Securing deep excavation-pits and foundation-ditches for example the so-called slurry-wall-system will be used. Generally a Bentonit-slurry is used in this type of application as the supporting liquid. In the process of recycling the slurry mixed with additional sand and stones has to be pumped to a separator-unit. This mixture is abrasive and from the used pump-technology a high level of wear-resistance is required. 

Since decades the users of TOYO-heavy-duty-slurry-pumps value the good performance of it in the slurry-trench-wall application in the special heavy construction. In Germany nearly all notable building companies are using TOYO-pumps in the special heavy construction. 

The standing customer of HÜDIG the company HOFFSCHULTE in Meppen/Germany trust since several years in the vacuum-technology of HÜDIG and without any disappointment. A more economical and reliable vacuum-technology does not exist on the market.