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Application 2014 

Securing deep excavation-pits and foundation-ditches for example the so-called slurry-wall-system will be used. Generally a Bentonit-slurry is used in this type of application as the supporting liquid. In the process of recycling the slurry mixed with additional sand and stones has to be pumped to a separator-unit. This mixture is abrasive and from the used pump-technology a high level of wear-resistance is required. 

Since decades the users of TOYO-heavy-duty-slurry-pumps value the good performance of it in the slurry-trench-wall application in the special heavy construction. In Germany nearly all notable building companies are using TOYO-pumps in the special heavy construction. 

The standing customer of HÜDIG the company HOFFSCHULTE in Meppen/Germany trust since several years in the vacuum-technology of HÜDIG and without any disappointment. A more economical and reliable vacuum-technology does not exist on the market.