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A View into the Future

A View into the Future

An internal symposium themed “Development of our Products for the day after tomorrow” took place in November this year. It was lead-managed by the HÜDIG Develop- and Engineering Department.

Basic criteria and concepts were introduced and discussed which will be part of our future product-development. In the future it will be strongly respected that all products will be manufactured under resource-saving and environmental aspects.

The gain of the already existing top-quality plays an important role: with a long product-lifetime energy and sources will be saved easily. The future product-lines include an improvement of light and compact design for saving the almost constantly rising transport-charges. Although the legendary construction-site- robustness will not be affected but the choice of modern material-combination will help to realize this goal. As the most important future criteria was the rising of the almost high efficiency of the products indentified. Therefore it is planed using in the future more efficient and economical power units saving the energy budget and the money of our customers, too. Environmental pollution e.g. noise emission will be reduced to the most possible rate in the future. For reaching these goals the Develop- and Engineering Department of HÜDIG has already the necessary funds and possibility available and it could be expected that under these preconditions very soon a bunch of solutions will ready for presentation. Furthermore it is planed to integrate the newest developments of the computer-technology in the products allowing an informative communication between the user and the machine.

The conclusion of the symposium is that HÜDIG is already working on the next-generation-technology, saving the resources and the energy and will continue the development of the well-known reliable quality-products in the future always to the entire satisfaction of all our customers. 

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