Use of Grindex pumps

GRINDEX submersible drainage pumps

GRINDEX submersible drainage pumps

The "Kaliwerk Ronnenberg" is a former potash mine in Ronnenberg in the region of Hanover.

For decades, the plant was the determining economic factor of Ronnenberg, and the tailings pile was characteristic of the town. The potash plant was located in the area of the Benther salt dome. This extends for about eight kilometers. After repeated water inrushes in the past, another one in the summer of 1975 led to the closure of the mine.

Since a railroad line runs right next to the former mine, it is a requirement of the DB that the tracks remain passable at all times, even after heavy rainfall. For this purpose, GRINDEX submersible wastewater pumps with float switches were installed in a total of 3 shafts. Since the medium to be pumped is contaminated with salt washout, the submersible pumps were additionally protected by means of zinc anodes, thus further increasing operational safety.

In accordance with the required performance parameters, two types of Grindex wastewater pumps were selected: Minex and Minette.

The model Minex is a 1.2 KW, 21.5 kg light pump with a max. flow rate of 36 m³/h. It is equipped with a 2" pressure connection. It has a 2" pressure connection. The Minette model is a 2.2 KW, 29 kg light pump with a max. flow rate of 61 m³/h. It has a 3" pressure connection. It has a 3" pressure connection.


The Swedish company GRINDEX was founded in 1940 and develops lightweight submersible pumps that are 100% safe to run dry thanks to the patented air valve. This air valve allows the pumps to run dry for a long period of time, minimizing the risk of downtime and the need for maintenance. They are suitable for applications with slightly abrasive solids and up to 15 mm particle size for the wastewater pumps and up to 80 mm for the sludge pumps. The fluid may have a max. density of 1100 kg/m³. The high-quality, robust Hard-Iron™ impeller makes them particularly wear-resistant. The SMART motor protection on all Tetra-Line pumps enables easy connection (Plug & Pump). In addition to direction of rotation control, this also offers phase failure protection, temperature monitoring and restart in the event of a stop. The pumps are very easy to maintain and have an inspection screw that allows the condition of the oil and mechanical seal to be checked from the outside.



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