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Dewatering with HÜDIG

small – compact – low-maintenance – high operating safety – these are attributes that unite the Diesel vacuum unit type HC 522.


On the premises of the former freight station in Hamburg Lokstedt, the conditions for building 750 apartments, a 10,000 m² park and permanent allotment gardens are to be created.

On this site the civil engineering company Wähler is to lay the first supply lines. The installation of a dewatering system is necessary due to the existing aquifer. The recently acquired Diesel vacuum unit type HC 522/07 is just the right machine for dewatering projects.

The compact, small Diesel vacuum unit has a max. flow rate of 100 m³/h and is supported by a vacuum generator with a capacity of 70 m³/h. The water pump, driven by a Diesel engine, and the vacuum generator ensure a continuous supply of the water-air mixture.

Thanks to the use of a high-quality sewage pump with a grain passage of 45 mm, possible sand deposits via the filter gallery are no problem for the pump unit.

The rotary vacuum generator, also known as dry rotor, operates without operating materials and ensures a permanent, reliable vacuum support.

The daily control of the operating materials is not
necessary contrary to oil-lubricated or water-cooled

The Wähler employees can concentrate on their main task in civil engineering because they use reliable technology for dewatering.

HÜDIG technology – always a good decision!

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