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Diesel Sewage Water Pump DIVA 350 Whisper

New presentation of HÜDIG diesel sewage water pump DIVA 350 Whisper (Stage V)


The HÜDIG diesel sewage water pump DIVA 350, which have been successful for many years, have been extensively revised and thus adapted to the constantly growing market requirements. In addition to the horizontally installed sewage water pump with screw centrifugal impeller (volume flow Vmax. of 600 m³/h), the unit is equipped with a dry-running vacuum pump (58 m³/h) as well as an efficient HATZ diesel engine with exhaust emission stage V. The diesel engine has a minimal output of 31 kW at 1500 RPM.

Furthermore, many customers and users are increasingly attaching importance to particularly quiet operation, especially when the units are used in residential areas. Here, HÜDIG was able to make optimal use of its many years of experience in the field of sound insulation, and so the DIVA 350 diesel sewage water pump also received the "Whisper" sound insulation housing.

The measured noise emission sound power level of this diesel unit is LWA 92 dB, offering sound pressure levels LPA of 65 dB (A) (measured at 7 m distance) and 62 dB(A) (measured at 10 m distance).

The "Whisper" soundproof hood also offers other advantages. The unit is optimally protected against unauthorized access by third parties as well as the effects of the weather.

In addition, the following options are available:

- Mounting on chassis

- Float control

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