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  • HC 467/25 in Operation in Denmark


HC 467/25 in Operation in Denmark

HC 467/25 in operation in the port area of Fredrikshavn

Even in Scandinavia dewatering is done by means of HÜDIG vacuum pump units. Mainly all well-known end users in Norway and Sweden revert to the HÜDIG pump units HC 468 and HC 467 when it comes to reliable dewatering. However, most HÜDIG pumps are in operation in Denmark. HÜDIG has set standards there with their products granting reliability and efficiency.

Although many clients insist on the less effective piston pumps due to traditional reasons, the more efficient HÜDIG vacuum pump units prevailed more and more.
An increasing number of users in Denmark is leaving the beaten tracks and moves to the tougher and economical centrifugal pumps. Compared with the sensitive piston pumps which already “give up” in case of minor soil in the medium, the centrifugal pumps can cope with quite a lot of sand without getting damaged. Not to mention the high efficiency which such vacuum-assisted centrifugal pumps have, in contrast to “yesterday’s” piston pumps. It is a rethinking process, away from yesterday towards tomorrow, which has been started in Denmark, and HÜDIG appreciate the open-mindedness regarding environmentally friendly technologies – because future has already begun now with HÜDIG.
We will be glad to inform you which alternatives to piston pumps can be used significantly more efficiently.

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