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  • HC488 – twice holds better


HC488 – twice holds better

Two suction inlets, two vacuum pumps.

Our vacuum-assisted electric units for groundwater lowering have enjoyed growing popularity for decades. The use of two vacuum pumps and two submersible wastewater pumps is automatically controlled, which emphasizes the efficiency of this dewatering system.

Frictional losses in pipes not only occur when water is pumped, but the pumping of air can also create frictional losses within a pipe.

Two suction connections allow the customer to place the dewatering pump as centrally as possible on the suction line, thus keeping the suction line as short as possible on both sides. The use of two vacuum pumps helps to compensate for the pipe friction losses that occur and to evacuate the air even from particularly long suction systems. In terms of efficient use, valuable resources can be conserved and hard cash saved.

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