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  • HÜDIG - Groundwater lowering for apartment building with underground garage


HÜDIG - Groundwater lowering for apartment building with underground garage

For the new construction of an apartment building with underground parking south of Frankfurt am Main, the contracted construction company also took over the groundwater lowering for the first time.

The excavation pit had a size of approx. 135 x 35m and bordered a public green area to the east. From this side, an increased groundwater volume was to be expected.

Due to the close proximity to already inhabited properties in the direct area, our customer chose a sound-insulated electric vacuum unit of the type "HC 488/25 Whisper" - on request in a special paint finish (color: RAL 7035, light gray). By installing the electric vacuum unit HC 488/25 in the "Whisper" sound insulation hood, the sound pressure level at 7m or 10m is reduced to 46 dB(A) / 44 dB(A). Furthermore, the unit was equipped with our innovative remote maintenance and monitoring system "HCRM 2.0".

The required filter lances, collecting pipes, pressure hoses, etc. were ordered from our accessories delivery program to match.

Our service technician was on site for the initial commissioning of the "HC 488/25 Whisper" and was thus able to support the installation of the 80 filter lances, each 6 m long, together with other accessories. Subsequently, the functions of the remote maintenance and monitoring system "HCRM 2.0" were explained to the responsible employees.

Note: The pictures show the construction site before switching on the vacuum system!


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