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HÜDIG -Power generators for all weather conditions

Mobile diesel power generators are used in a wide variety of areas, but above all in the construction industry. Construction companies all over the world use the mobile power sources to supply power to welding machines, drilling equipment or other electrical tools, even office containers. Diesel generators work day and night, sometimes under the most adverse conditions. Whether in sub-zero temperatures or in a tropical climate, diesel-powered generators must always function reliably and be able to with stand high temperatures.

The HÜDIG diesel generators of the Compact series are characterized by an extremely stable steel frame construction with an integrated 24h fuel tank. The frame is hot-dip galvanized and the hoods and door elements are powder coated. Thus we receive a lasting, optimal protection against weather and corrosion. The standard sound insulation hood has a sophisticated ventilation system which ensures that the motor and generator unit runs reliably even at higher temperatures. Added to this is the simple operation and uncomplicated maintenance, which in turn minimizes downtimes and thus saves cash. Ideal for your rental park.

The HÜDIG power generator range extends from a compact 20 kVA generator to giants beyond 1000 kVA. Depending on the size, the generators are equipped as standard with a 230 V Schuko socket, 5-pin CEE socket, 400 V (16 A, 32 A, 63 A, 125 A) or a so-called connection strip. Individual adjustments are possible. Further information on the equipment of the generators can be found in the respective technical data sheets on our website.



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