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HÜDIG - Sewer By-Pass Pump DIVA 350

In the past, if roads were completely torn up for sewer rehabilitation, this method can be avoided with modern methods. The inliner method has established itself as the dominant method. This method is a modern way of sewer rehabilitation, which avoids dirt and noise pollution as well as high costs. First, a sewer TV inspection is used to determine which sewer sections are to be rehabilitated. Then a pipe cleaning is carried out and then a PU-coated hose made of durable needle felt is inserted from the outside into the sewer section to be rehabilitated. The sewer is blocked at two points and diverted above ground (by-pass). The diverted water runs through a special wastewater pump DIVA350, which is soundproofed and supported by a vacuum.

The unit equipped with the screw centrifugal impeller is able to pump even coarse waste water and long-threaded objects in the water without constant clogging. With a pumping capacity of 200 litres per second, the pump is able to pump large quantities of waste water and sewage into sewers. This pump is particularly suitable for dirty water containing solids (faeces, sediments, ...) and is therefore mainly used for drainage in pipe, sewer and pipeline rehabilitation. The DIVA350 can also be used to pump out basements and flooded buildings.

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