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HÜDIG 5-Wheeled Sprinkler Cart

HÜDIG 5-Wheeled Sprinkler Cart in use

Irrigation machines for field irrigation require an operationally safe sprinkler. The HÜDIG standard sprinkler with the asymmetrical wheel arrangement has practically made history. However, there are applications where a even higher stability of the sprinkler cart is require.  Therefore HÜDIG’s new 5-wheeled sprinkler cart with a sophisticated tandem axis offers an enormous degree of stability in the area of ​​the headland or the frequent overrun of uneven terrain. 

Wheel Set with a extraordinary directional stability  


Of course, this sprinkler is raised fully automatically

Additionally the 5-wheeled sprinkler cart is very useful for grass irrigation. Due to the increased number and size of the wheels, the surface pressure is reduced. The grass is protected when using the 5-wheeled sprinkler cart.

To view our rain cart, please have a look at our Product-Video 

If you are interested, please contact your HÜDIG dealer or us directly: info@huedig.de or please call: 0049 5141 8845-0.

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