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HÜDIG develops Jetting-Pump-Unit HC 910/509/10 for the Deep Vibro Technique

For the construction ground improvement with the deep vibro technique a jetting pump is necessary. Many operators have used the HÜDIG jetting-pumps HC 170 and HC 180 for this application.

These jetting-pumps are primarily developed for the jetting of filters into the ground in the ground-water-control procedure. But they are also used in the jetting procedure of wells and piles, for the water-supply of construction-sites, for the filling-procedure of pipe-lines, for cleaning purpose and for fire-fighting.

One customer in Austria required for the application in the deep vibro technique a HC 180 jetting pump with the following features:

  1. Sound-proof-version, the construction site was in an urban region
  2. Remote control, only the one operator of the vibro should be necessary
  3. Reliable in the continues operation

After a visit at the construction site the HÜDIG engineers of the development department started the engineering of such pump-unit. It was equipped with a sound-proof-canopy and a fuel-tank frame-chassis which is hundredfold proven in the HÜDIG pump-units for the irrigation. For the priming the well-known exhaust-injector is mounted. Together with a non-return-valve it is now possible starting again the pump-unit via the remote control at the vibro-unit without an additional priming procedure. The engine-speed to say the water-capacity can also be set via the remote control. The remote-control has an operation-range of 200 m.

The jetting-pump-unit HC 910/509/10 is now for almost two years uninterrupted on duty to the entire satisfaction of the customer. The deep vibro technique was drastically simplified and pushed on by this particular pump-unit.

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