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Dewatering. Now getting colourful!

HÜDIG GmbH & Co. KG faces every day the requirements of their customers. This is also reflected in the very good success of the HÜDIG whisper noise protection hood presented at BAUMA 2016 for the HÜDIG dewatering pump unit type HC 488.

From individual business to larger orders, the whisper noise protection hood has found its place among the users. The whisper noise protection hood reduces the already low noise emissions of the units to a minimum. The sound power level is 73 dB (A) and the calculated sound pressure levels are 7m 46 dB (A) at 7m and 44 dB (A) at 10m.

In HÜDIG's own paint shop, the colour requirements of customers can be customized for each unit, so that the HÜDIG whisper hoods can also be colour-well embedded in the machine fleet of the customers very well.

HÜDIG technology - always a good choice!





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