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HÜDIG Dewatering with GRINDEX High Quality Submersible Pumps

Successful introduction of the new Maxi H model


The introduction of the new model Maxi H has been successfully implemented in brown coal surface mining.

Five pieces at once of the new model were ordered by the customer.

The power pack with an output of 37 kW reaches a maximum discharge height of 90 meters and a maximum delivery rate of 58 l/s. The Maxi H is a perfect waste water pump, suitable for an open mining drainage system with great discharge heights. Due to the two integrated air cooling valves, this pump type is also absolutely dry-run protected even with 37 kW motor output. The air cooling valves ensure the exit of the warm motor exhaust caused by the electric motor in snore mode. As a result, the motor is protected against overheating during operation and thus the pump is 100% dry-run protected.

All GRINDEX pumps are tested in the factory regarding their performance parameters before delivery.

So in case you have problems with burnt stators of your submersible pumps, please contact us. HÜDIG GmbH & Co KG is your expert when it comes to submersible pumps.



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