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  • HÜDIG Electro –Vacuum-Units -now stackable version available


HÜDIG Electro –Vacuum-Units -now stackable version available

The HÜDIG GmbH & Co. KG was acting on the requirements of many customers wanting stackable frames for the HC Electro-Vacuum-Units and developed such frames accordingly.

The development included a stackable frame for the HÜDIG Vacuum–Units for saving the space by stacking three (3) units one upon the other. By galvanized and lockable lattice doors on each side of the frame the units are protected against vandalism. The common iniquitous switching off of the units and the destroying of the switch-board can lead to tremendous problems in the construction-process and will negatively affect the groundwater control.

This will now be terminated with the stackable HÜDIG Electro-Vacuum-Unit!

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