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HÜDIG Generator Set Range


HÜDIG GmbH & Co. KG was confronted with the task finding a technical solution for the mobile current-supply of a open pit. The difficulty of the task was the need that the mobile unite should provide two different voltage levels (400 Volts and 500 Volts). Furthermore the operator of this unit requested the presentation of a technical solution securing that the drive-engine does not damage due to low rotation speed. HÜDIG GmbH & Co. KG is expert of such duties and delivered a mobile generator-set with different engine-power classes which fulfilled the requirements to the total satisfaction of the operator.


HÜDIG GmbH & Co. KG developed according to the specifications of the operator a concept which fulfilled all requirements.

The solution included a gen-set unit mounted on a heavy-duty all-terrain truck –trailer chassis. The gen-set supplied two (2) different voltage levels. The customer has the possibility to use 400 or 500 volts.  Up to the higher end of the power-range the generator set can be used without nearly any limit in all different power-levels without limitation. This also includes continuing smaller supply-power-capacity without damaging the drive-engine by the automatic connection of additional power resistors. Take into consideration that normally diesel-engines could be damaged by the continuing operation in under-load mode.

A solution for our customer: Vattenfall Europe Mining AG

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