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HÜDIG Dewatering in Speyer

In Speyer the company Heberger operated a pipeline construction site in which a dewatering installed on both sides of the pipe trench was necessary.

The company sought and found support from Hölscher Wasserbau in Haren.

Hölscher decided against the use of piston pumps due to the working depths and geology and installed two HÜDIG electro vacuum units of type HC 468/25 on a sled base frame.

The powerful vacuum units reached the required lowering level very quickly and reliably.

During the entire construction period, no costly maintenance of the vacuum units was necessary.

Compared to the piston pumps that are otherwise frequently used, the HÜDIG vacuum units are considerably easier to maintain over the period of construction site operation and are therefore more cost-effective than piston pumps.

In addition, there is the permanent additional vacuum generation of the HÜDIG units, which reliably keep the lowered groundwater level at a low level and can compensate for naturally occurring friction losses of the filter system. The vacuum required for the reduction can be precisely adjusted on the HÜDIG units. Thus, the water conductor is spared and the extraction of the groundwater resource is limited to the minimum necessary.


All advantages of the HÜDIG electric vacuum units at a glance:

-        no operating materials required for cooling or vaccum generation

-        as a result absolutely 100% dry-running

-        the most low-maintenance vacuum unit available

-        wide range of services

Economical + Reliable= HÜDIG technology


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