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  • HÜDIG Groundwater Lowering: New edition of HÜDIG vacuum pump unit HC 988/041


HÜDIG Groundwater Lowering: New edition of HÜDIG vacuum pump unit HC 988/041

It was required to supply a vacuum pump unit which is suitable for a firm installation at construction site for at least 3 years.

HÜDIG GmbH & Co. KG received the order to supply 10 pieces of vacuum pump units HC 988/041.

The very sophisticated HÜDIG vacuum technique is already legendary due to its invincible low maintenance effort and convinces by practice-oriented details.

For example, a galvanized basic frame with wide contact areas for the skids is a feature of the HC 988 / 041. Therefore the vacuum pump unit HC 988/041 is permanently protected against sludge and moisture by a weather-proof basic frame.

The connecting bend allows many possibilities. The picture shows the connecting bend with the HÜDIG standard vacuum meter; connection possibilities for two vacuum switches as well as a connection possibility for a freely selectable sensor. The sensitive component parts in the connecting bend are protected against external damages by a protection bar. The suction connections are equipped with two ball valves.

The maintenance effort for a HC 988/041 is so low in comparison with other systems that it can hardly be described in figures.

The first visual inspection will become necessary after approx. 2.000 operation hours.

Practical applications have shown that the units can easily overcome service lives of up to 14.000 operation hours in difficult installations without any maintenance.


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