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  • HÜDIG HC 488/25 – The Economical and Reliable All-Rounder


HÜDIG HC 488/25 – The Economical and Reliable All-Rounder

HÜDIG electric vacuum unit HC 488/25 proved itself as an all-rounder during an application in Toronto, Canada. The construction of an underground car park of a department store required a dewatering of another 5 m.in approx. 20 m depth.

This dewatering had to be very reliable to make sure that the concrete foundation does not mix with the intruding groundwater. A job for the highly reliable HC 488/25.

The picture shows the application of this electro vacuum unit. The discharge of the pumped groundwater leads to the excavation pit’s corner and behind the large excavator it has been placed up to the top edge of the excavation pit. Despite this enormous height difference the HÜDIG unit kept its promise and proved its reliability.

The dewatering was realized by every trick in the book and was again a proof of what makes the reputation of the HC 488 as reliable all-rounder.

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