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HÜDIG Low-Maintenance Dewatering

Long maintenance intervals of
HÜDIG Diesel vacuum units reduce maintenance costs

The long lifetimes of HÜDIG dry-running pumps have been known and appreciated with our customers for many years.

The first visual inspection with this type of vacuum generator is necessary after 2000 operation hours at the earliest, and in most cases this will be enough. In case of inconspicuous operation of the unit the first visual inspection can even be carried out after 4000 operation hours. 


2.000 (4000) operation hours, visual inspection

Experiences of the last 15 years show a consistent and reliable continuous operation of more than 10000 operation hours without any need for spare parts.

The HÜDIG concept of electro vacuum units offers nearly maintenance-free aggregates for dewatering.

In the pursuit of minimizing maintenance efforts we are pleased to release with immediate effect prolonged oil change intervals for vacuum unit type HC 522 being operated with Diesel motor. 

Hatz 1D81Z with 1.000 operation hours oil change interval


In close cooperation with the motor manufacturer Hatz and an assigned specialist laboratory, Hatz motors of type D81Z have been put under full load during a long-lasting test period. The result was that the oil change intervals can be prolonged to 1000 h, provided that oil quality 10W40 or better is used.

This means an operation time of about 42 days. During this period regular oil level checks as well as general visual inspection are necessary - this finally ensures safe operation. Of course refuelling is essential, but that is all that has to be done regarding the aggregate.

Longer maintenance intervals shift the date for oil change, of course; however, the pump unit needs to be checked regarding operation more often.

The new maintenance interval of the Diesel motor of 1000 operation hours reduces maintenance expenses!

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